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Where It Began

We are a small game development studio, specialising in creating small, joyous experiences for web and mobile.
From paper to product, our games are crafted with intimate care and personal flair! (Ahem)

Check out some of the games and applications we've made below.

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~ We made these! ~



You run a quirky dim sum restaurant where you serve your diners in an unconventional way: by skillfully throwing the orders to their table!



A music game where getting lost in the sounds is paramount, and everything else is secondary.

Robin was designed to be enjoyed without having to look at the screen whilst playing

Rocky Dash


A frantic endless-runner where your reactions, timing and judgement will be tested to the extreme!

Featuring someone gripping an egg and bouncing rocks with odd faces!

Toothpic Nations


A charming trio of games, each with their own distinct and nostalgic theme. Together, they celebrate our childhood memories and simpler times.

Developed exclusively for Toothpic Nations

Your Space


In Your Space, the goal is to terraform and populate the barren lands with life, architecture and... a giant robot (?!)

Personalise the space by earning enhancements from completing puzzles and activities

Radiance Volume I


The Radiance series of games are designed with simple mechanics, and to be accessible by everyone.

In Volume I, your aim is to deliver post to the corresponding home




  Where It Began is a small creative development studio based in London, UK.  
  We are gamers, artists and creators.  
  When we're not busy crafting our own special concoctions, we can be found collaborating on other projects.  
  We are always open to working with new partners, so if you're interested in a joint-adventure, get in touch!